Maintenance Cyber Discipline Test 2023

In today’s digitized era, understanding the ‘Maintenance Cyber Discipline Test’ is not just beneficial—it’s essential. As cyber threats evolve, so must our knowledge and defenses.

This test dives deep into the core of cybersecurity, from the intricacies of ‘Attack Surface’ dynamics to the protective barriers of ‘Air Gaps.’ By navigating through questions about malware entry points, hardware risks, and the nuances of data transfer, you’ll be better equipped to fortify your systems.

Begin your journey now and assess how ready you are to tackle modern cyber challenges.

False or true: An “Attack Surface” consists of specific entry points where malware can infiltrate or an opponent can secure entry.Answer: Correct.
A division between the service computer, weaponry system, and the outside world is termed as _____________________.Answer: Air Gap.
A Portable Maintenance Aid (PMA) serves as an instance of a/an _________________.
A. Indirect-attached
B. Direct-attached

B) Direct-attached.
Associate the given media/devices with their appropriate action:
Media / Devices
·       Mobile phone/music device
·       Virus alert
·       Manufacturer’s disc
A. Inspect prior to usage
B. Avoid linking with a PMA
C. report incident immediately

Mobile phone/music device: B. Avoid linking with a PMA   
Virus alert:  C. report incident immediately         

Manufacturer’s disc: A. Inspect prior to usage
Which procedure applies to cell phone/mp3 playerAvoid linking with a PMA
Determine an instance of an attack surface on a computer:

A.    Supply Chain
B.     Radio Frequency
C.    Air Gap Device
D.    All of the Above.

D. All the Above
True or False: “Defense in Depth” implies employing multiple layers of security measures to protect our weapons systems.True.
Potential hazards with equipment are:

A. Multiple users sharing one account
B. Unapproved software
C. Software/hardware configuration changes
D. Absence of malware detection
E. All of the Above.

E. All of the Above.
True or False:
Using read-only media is the most secure method for managing data transfer risks?
True or False:
Is it acceptable to presume external systems are free from threats, believing someone else has already conducted the scan?

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