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Question: Property RisksAnswer: Facing monetary setbacks when your asset gets harmed, obliterated, or is taken away.
Question: Personal RisksAnswer: Health issues, accidents, incapacitation, or passing of a loved one can lead to the cessation of their financial contribution, alongside additional outlays like medical charges and final rites expenses.
Question: LiabilityAnswer: The obligation to compensate someone if they have incurred harm or loss due to your actions.
Question: InsuranceAnswer: Acquired safeguard that promises to compensate you under predetermined loss conditions.
Question: Transferring RiskAnswer: Distributing one individual’s financial risk by dividing it among numerous participants.
Question: IndemnityAnswer: Returning the insured person to the financial state they held prior to the mishap.
Question: Insurable InterestAnswer: Possessing a financial involvement in the life or property being insured.
Question: PolicyAnswer: Formal document that outlines the terms between the individual buying the insurance(policy holder) and the insurer.
Question: ExclusionsAnswer: Particular hazards that aren’t included in an agreement.
Question: EndorsementsAnswer: Often referred to as riders; modifications to a basic insurance contract that either expand or reduce coverage.
PremiumsFees paid by policyholders to the insurer in exchange for protection.
ClaimA formal appeal to receive compensation for damages.
DeductibleThe predetermined cost the policyholder must bear per lost before the insurer will pay benefits.
Co-InsuranceA system where both the insurer and the policyholder divide the expenses of claims once the deductible is satisfied.
Auto InsuranceCoverage for damages, mishaps, or theft related to a vehicle.
Health InsuranceProtection for medical consultations, spinal adjustments, emergencies, and surgical procedures.
Life InsuranceA policy that provides financial support to a chosen individual upon one’s passing.
Group Insurance CoverageTypically acquired via one’s workplace.
Personal InsurancePlan Coverage that you buy on your own.

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