Asdir Medical Abbreviation – Medication Dosing Frequency Abbreviations

Here are some commonly used Asdir Medical Abbreviation listed below:

ASDIR MeaningAs directed
Q1HEvery 1 hour
Q6-8HEvery 6 to 8 hours
QDEvery day
BIDTwice a day
Q24HEvery 24 hours
Q8HEvery 8 hours
2X/WEEKTwo times per week
4X/WEEKFour times per week
Q12-14HEvery twelve to fourteen hours
QAM Meaning in Medical TermsEvery morning
TIDThrice daily
QPM Medical Abbreviation /Pharmacy AbbreviataionOnce daily in PM
QHSEvery night at bedtime
QIDFour times a day
Q12HEvery 12 hours
Q2H Medical AbbreviationEvery 2 hours
Q3H Medical AbbreviationEvery 3 hours
Q72HEvery 3 days
Q3-4HEvery 3 to 4 hours
Q6HEvery 6 hours
1-2X/DAYOne to two times a day
3-4X/DAYThree to four times per day
Q8-12HEvery 8 to 12 hours
2-3X/DAYTwo to three times per day
6X/DAYSix times per day
THENASDIRThen as directed
QNOONEvery day at noon
DOSEOne dose
3X/WEEKThree times per week
QAM/NOONEvery morning and noon
QODEvery other day
Q2HEvery 2 hours
5X/DAYFive times per day
1X/WEEKOnce per week
Q1-2HEvery one to two hours
2-4X/DAYTwo to four times per day
PRE/EXERCISEBefore exercise
What does Q6H mean in medical termsEvery 6 hours
Q8 Medical AbbreviationEvery 8 hours
4X a DAY Medical AbbreviationFour times per day
UA or u/a (Urinalysis)A UA is a common component of a thorough physical examination.
URIAn upper respiratory infection, such as sinusitis or a common cold.
UTIUrinary Track Infection
VSSThe vital signs indicate stability. This implies that the patient’s temperature, blood pressure, and pulse are within normal ranges, indicating good health.
XRTRadiotherapy (external)
t.i.d.Three times daily
TAHTotal abdominal hysterectomy
THRTotal hip replacement
TKRTotal knee replacement
SOBShortness of breath
SADSeason affective disorder
RLQRight lower quadrant.
RUQRight upper quadrant. 
RDSRespiratory distress syndrome
RARheumatoid arthritis. A type of joint disease.
PCLPosterior cruciate ligament.
PFTPulmonary function test. An assessment to gauge the efficiency of lung function.
PltPlatelets, which are among the constituents involved in blood formation alongside white and red blood cells.
PMIThe point where the heart’s maximum impulse is detected during examination, such as when it beats against the chest.
PTPhysical therapy
PTHParathyroid hormone
PUDPeptic ulcer disease
O&POva and parasites. Stool examination for Ova and Parasites (O & P) is conducted in the laboratory to identify parasitic infections in individuals experiencing persistent diarrhea.
ODRight Eye
OSLeft Eye
OUBoth Eyes
N/V Nausea or vomiting.
NSRNormal sinus rhythm of the heart
M/HMedical history
LLQLeft lower quadrant
LUQLeft upper quadrant
ITUIntensive therapy unit
IBDInflammatory bowel disease.
H/OHistory Of
HRThormone replacement therapy.
DOEDyspnea on exertion

Asdir Medical Abbreviations

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