Which PS/2 Connector Is Green ?

Question: Which PS/2 connector is green ?

Answer: Mouse.

Question: What color is the IEEE 1394 end ?

Answer: Blue.

Question: What color is the LPT Port ?

Answer: long purple.

Question: To connect an analog microphone which color port would you use ?

Answer: Pink.

Question: Select the port type that is capable of delivering power ?

Answer: Thunderbolt.

Question: Port that is very fast ?

Answer: eSATA.

Question: Connections that support Gigabit Ethernet ?

Answer: RJ-45, Network Port and Ethernet Port.

Question: Which of the connection types listed is used to support analog telephony ?

Answer: RJ-11.

Question: What is the function of the PS/2 (mini-DIN-6) port?

Answer: This port typically connects legacy PS/2 mice and keyboards. It’s distinguishable by color codes:

Purple for keyboard connections.

Green for mouse connections.

However, the PS/2 port is now largely replaced by USB ports.

Question: What is the purpose of a Serial (DB-9) port?

Answer: This port facilitates connections with various serial peripherals, including barcode scanners, dial-up modems, and serial mice. It’s also commonly used in configuring and controlling certain network devices.

Question: What devices connect via a Parallel (DB-25) port?

Answer: This port was traditionally used for connecting parallel interface devices like printers, external hard drives, and game controllers. It has been largely phased out in favor of USB and RJ45 ports.

Question: What does a DB-15 port connect?

Answer: Mainly found on older sound cards, this port was used for connecting older game controllers, joysticks, and MIDI instruments.

Question: What’s the use of an RJ11 port?

Answer: RJ11 ports, featuring four connector pins, are primarily used in telephone and modem connections for transmitting analog signals.

Question: What does an RJ45 port do?

Answer: This port, with eight connector pins, is essential in setting up Ethernet networks, linking various computers and network devices.

Question: What is a Fiber S/PDIF port used for?

Answer: This port utilizes fiber optic cables for signal transmission.

Question: What is the function of a Coaxial S/PDIF port?

Answer: It employs a copper coaxial cable for signal transmission.

Question: What are the uses of an Audio jack?

Answer: Audio jacks, using 3.5 mm TRS connectors, are used for transmitting analog audio signals and can connect devices like:




Various audio output devices (e.g., radios).

Question: How are  pink green blue Audio jacks color-coded?

Answer: Green signifies Line out.

Pink is for Mic in.

Blue indicates Line in.

Orange is used for Subwoofer connections.

Black denotes Rear speakers.

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