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1Before a security breach occurs, the primary duty of a security guard is toprevent such incidents.
2After a security violation has taken place, the security guard’s responsibility is toobserve the situation and report it.
3For anyone to act in a manner that they are a law enforcement officer when they are against the law
4Security officers have the same power to arrest as:private persons (citizens).
5It’s accurate to say that if excessive force is used during an arrest.a security guard could face legal or criminal consequences
6If a security guard encounters individuals trespassing in a company parking lot, the initial response should be tocourteously inquire about their activities.
7If the suspect looks bigger and stronger, would that be a good reason for a security guard not to make an arrest by himself?No
8The ability to make an arrest for a felony is not limited to peace officers. ButSecurity guards and other private individuals also have this authority.
9When apprehending a suspect for suspected burglary, it’s appropriate to declare,“I am making a citizen’s arrest,” or “You are under arrest for suspicion of burglary.”
10As a security guard at a factory, do you have the legal authority to search employees’ cars in the parking lot, even if the owner suspects theft.No
11The duties of a security guard are same to those of a peace officer.No
12In situations where it’s uncertain whether to detain or arrest someone, the best course of action for a security guard is toobserve and report without detaining or arresting the individual.
13Is it legal to reach into an open car window to retrieve potentially stolen tools.No
14In our legal system, a court is the only authority that can determine a person’s innocence or guilt.True
15If a man in a bar makes obscene remarks, tries to instigate fights, and refuses to leave when asked by a security guard,
he may be committing the offense he made is
disturbing the peace and trespassing.
16Upon making an arrest, a security guard shouldcontact the police immediately or as soon as feasibly possible.
17Neither security guards nor private individuals are legally obligated to arrest a suspect after witnessing a crime.True
18Witnessing a woman setting fire to a building indicates the possible commission ofarson.
19Security guards can conduct searches on individuals to gather sufficient evidence for an arrest.No
20If a security guard makes a lawful citizen’s arrest, the police is legally bound to arrest the suspect.No
21A felony is generally classified as aserious or major crime.
22Police procedures following the custody of a suspect can vary, includingtaking the suspect to the station for booking, issuing a citation on the spot, or submitting reports to the district attorney, depending on the nature of the offense.
23A misdemeanor is typically regarded as aless severe or minor crime.
24A security guard fulfills primary responsibilities byobserving and reporting safety hazards and security violations.
25If someone breaks into a drugstore late at night and steals multiple bottles of pills, the likely offense committed isburglary.
26For a felony arrest to be valid, two conditions must be met: a felony crime must have occurred, and there must be reasonable belief that the suspect committed the felony.True.
27When an employee’s husband waits in the parking lot and assaults her upon her arrival, he may have committedbattery.
28Individuals possessing only a security guard registration are not permitted to carry deadly weapons.True.
29Security guards may search a suspect specifically forweapons, but only if there is reasonable cause to believe the suspect is armed.
30A statement like “The suspect tried to kill the bus driver with a metal pipe” is considered as aConclusion.
31A person apprehended for robbery should be referred to as theSuspect.
32It is correct that a security guard should not arrest someone for a misdemeanor unless the offense occurred in their presence.True.
33Liability lawsuits resulting from a security guard’s wrongful actions could potentially involve theguard themselves, their employer, and any other parties involved.
34Terrorism is defined as the use of force or violence against people or property to intimidate or coerce, which isTrue.
35All acts of terrorism are indeed consideredcriminal.
36The four counter-terrorism strategies in physical security are todeter, delay, deny, and detect.
37Terrorism can be categorized into two main types:domestic and international.
38Terrorists typically have aclear objective, conduct surveillance of their target, and rehearse their operations.
39The notion that appearance and cleanliness are less important than punctuality for work isfalse.
40Security guards are often judged by the general public based on theirappearance, speech, and attitude.
41The effectiveness of a private security company and its officers heavily relies on gaining and retaining public respect and approval.True.
42Accepting gratuities as a security guard is generally not acceptable.True.
43The “Security Guard’s Creed” is relevant for all security guards regardless of their post, and it’s also recommended to adhere to it while off duty.True.

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