Which Of The Following Is Not A Function Of Derivative Classification

Which Of The Following Is Not A Function Of Derivative Classification?

Making a preliminary decision that information needs to be safeguarded from unauthorized disclosure to protect national security interests.

Derivative Classification Exam Answers 2023 :

If you suspect information has been improperly or unnecessary classified what should you do first?

Talk about your concerns with your security manager or supervisor.

All of the following are responsible of derivative classifiers except

Individuals responsible for derivative classification must possess the authority to classify originally.

The properly marked source document states:
(C) Operation Panda will take place on 29 September.
The new document states:
(C) On 29 September, Operation Panda will commence.

What concept is used to derivatively classify the statement in the new document?

not Contained in.

If the classification in the current content appears to be incorrect, or if there is contradictory guidance from authorized sources, you must seek additional guidance.


Contained in applies when a properly marked source document states classified information that has been directly copied word-for-word and inserted into the new document.


Each of these are ways of incorporating classified source material into new material except


For DoD personnel, the document that provides basic guidance and regulatory requirements for derivative classification.

DoDM 5200.01, Volumes 1-4, DoD Information Security Program.

Which of the following is an authorized source for derivative classification?


Who bears the responsibility for offering appropriate classification guidance to contractors during the execution of a contract?

Government Contracting Activity (GCA).

All of the following are authorized sources for derivative classification except.

Unverified Source.

A Security Classification Guide (SCG) is

A detailed, all-encompassing set of instructions regarding specific aspects of a program, system operation, or weapon system information that needs to be classified.

Which of the following statements applies to the classification concept of revealed by?

Requires further interpretation or analysis to determine the classification.

Only individuals with the authority to make initial classification decisions are permitted to classify documents derivatively.


You formally challenge the classification of information and the classifying agency provides a partial response. What are your entitlements if the agency responsible for classification fails to deliver a comprehensive response within a period of 120 days?

Submit the challenge to the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP).

Due to the significance of classification, as well as its inherent limitations and expenses, it is essential for derivative classifiers to adhere to proper procedures and comply with all necessary requirements.


The process of using existing classified information to create new material is called

Derivative classification.

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