Annual Security Refresher Pretest

1-Sci material can be processed on siprnet if the content is secret//sci ?No
2-Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) mandates the inclusion of banner lines and a CUI indicator. However, portion markings aren’t mandatory ?Yes
3-What are the obligatory markings for all classified documents ?Every option provided
4-When double wrapping classified documents for mailing, it’s a requirement to have the complete sending and return address, including the names and the topmost classification level along with dissemination labels on the external layerNo
5-If moving SCI inside a building (outside of the SCIF), it should be kept in a securely locked briefcase or heavy-duty canvas pouch, which must have a built-in key lock.Yes
6-For making derivative classification decisions, specific material is essential. Which sources are permissible ?A) Properly marked source documents (correct), B) Contract Security Classification Specifications (correct), C) Security classification guides (correct).
7-If classified data is transferred to an information system of a lower classification level or to an unaccredited system for processing such restrictive data, what type of security breach does it represent ?Data spill.
8-Deliberate, accidental, or careless disclosure of classified information or CUI to those not authorized might result in losing access, unpaid suspension, job termination, military discharge, or legal action.Yes
9-Simply combining unclassified data won’t automatically elevate its classification status.No
10-Unofficial overseas trips don’t need to be disclosed to the Security Office.No
11-If you possess a top-secret clearance, there are obligations to notify the security office when hosting a foreign roommate for over a month, cohabitating, or upon getting married.Yes
12-Wireless wearable fitness devices are authorized within scifs.No
13-Which option isn’t seen as controlled unclassified information?For Official Use Only.
14-Once you’ve secured your space for the day, it’s recommended to re-badge to confirm it’s locked.Yes
15-Classified information is recognized as official government data deemed necessary for protection against unauthorized sharing for National Security. What are its various classification levels?A) Top Secret (correct), B) Confidential (correct), C) Secret (correct).
16-Only insider threat indicators observed during business hours are deemed noteworthy. Events during personal time remain private.No
17-How can you report potential insider threats to the js intp? select all that applyA) JS Portal (correct), B) In-Person (correct), C) Email (correct), D) Phone (correct).

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