All Of The Following Are Steps In Derivative Classification Except

All of the following are steps in derivative classification except

Making the initial determination that information requires protection against unauthorized disclosure in the interest of national security.

Derivative Classification Exam Answers

You may be subject to administrative, Uniform Code of Military Justice, or face criminal penalties if you participate in any of the following activities, except:

Formally contesting information that might be incorrectly classified.

When using the derivative classification concept of compilation, You need to provide a clearly articulated justification for the classification by compilation either on the front of the document or within its text.


Information taken directly from an existing classified source and stated verbatim In a fresh or alternate document, an illustration of ______.


When working with classified information, Who holds the responsibility for making sure that newly created documents and materials by contractors are correctly labeled?

Government Contracting Activity.

The only lawful reason to classify information aims to safeguard the national security.


All of the following are ways to promote the sharing of information within the Federal government, among state, local, and tribal governments, in conjunction with coalition partners, law enforcement agencies, and the broader public except,

Use dissemination control markings with caution, avoid incorrect or unnecessary classification.

The source document states:

(U) The unit is set to take part in Exercise Joint Venture.

(C) The start date of the exercise is 4 May, concluding on 25 May.

(C) The exercise will take place in Operational Area One.

Disclosed by Classification by Compilation.

The source document states:

(S) The range of the weapon is 70 miles.

The new document states:

(S) The weapon may successfully be deployed at a range of 70 miles.

Which concept was used to determine the derivative classification of the new document?

Contained in.

Which of the following is a valid reason to classify information

Protect the national security.

You may be subject to criminal sanctions, such as incarceration, if you engage in the unauthorized disclosure of classified information.


Derivative classifiers hold a crucial role in evaluating and amending the decisions made by the original classification authority regarding classifications.


All DoD civilian, military, and contractor personnel with clearance, who produce or originate classified material from authorized classified sources, are considered derivative classifiers.


All of the following are effects of derivative classification except

Determining initially that certain information should be protected from being shared without permission for the sake of national security.

Cleared contractor employees are subject to sanctions for violating any policies in the NISPOM.


A classified document is used as source material for a new document. What is this an example of?

Derivative classification.

The Security Classification Guide (SCG) states the following information is classified as Secret: “The task requires three hours for completion.” If this information is stated (directly or in a reworded form) in a new document, it should be designated ______”


The Security Classification Guide (SCG) states:

“The unit’s involvement in the exercise is Unclassified.

The dates of the exercise are Confidential.

The location of the exercise is Confidential.

The aggregation of the exercise dates and location is classified as Secret.”

Disclosed by Classification by Compilation.

Select ALL the correct responses. Derivative classifiers must

“Examine and assess data to pinpoint components needing classification.”

“Possess the ability to refer to guidelines for classification”.

If you accidentally leave classified materials where unauthorized individuals can access them, you won’t face sanctions for accessing them, as your actions were not intentional


Which of the following provides contractors with performance requirements, Such as safeguarding prerequisites, classification directives, and specialized security prerequisites for a classified contract?

DD Form 254, DoD Contract Security Classification Specification.

All of the following are steps in derivative classification

Except for deciding initially that information needs to be safeguarded against unauthorized release for the sake of national security.

To be classified or maintained as classified, information must meet all of the following criteria.

Except : The inadvertent release of this information might lead to discomfort for the U.S. Government.

According to the Security Classification Guide (SCG), the unit’s budget and the Schedule of Distribution are both classified as Confidential. However, when these two elements are combined in a single document, the classification level is elevated to Secret. Based on this information, what is the derivative classification principle applied to classify this document?

Compilation-Based Classification.

Select the true statement concerning derivative classification.

Derivative classifiers have the duty of scrutinizing and assessing information to pinpoint components that necessitate classification.

The process described is about checking if information is already classified (marked as secret or confidential) and making sure it stays classified when used in new documents or materials.

Derivative classification.

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